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Flap Discs, Coated Abrasives, Grinding Metals, Grinding Stainless Steels, Polishing Various Metals, Glass Polishing

For ferrous metals, alloyed and unalloyed steels, cast iron, composites, plastic, etc.
Calcined aluminum oxide coated abrasive flap discs are more durable and sharper than aluminum oxide coated flap discs, and higher performance. The durability 30% more.

For flap grinding wheels, the number, angle and spacing of the blades on the backplane can basically be changed, which is called the blade density. The basic density has standard density and high density. Standard density is used for heavy-duty applications and fast cutting, high density is used for polishing uneven surfaces and curved surfaces, and finer abrasive grain blending.

Coated abrasives is widely used in the processing of industrial production products, mainly for polishing and other functions. 5Cars, ships, and sailing abrasive cloth wheels are just simple names for many similar products. Among them, abrasive cloth wheels include many branch products, including flat abrasive cloth wheels, emery cloth wire wheels, flaps, shutters, and flap wheels. High density or giant blades will also last longer.

Flap discs application:

Weld edge grinding, deburring, weld grinding, metal polishing, stainless steel weld grinding, iron and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and plastic grinding, weld scars, flash burrs on stamping parts.
Mechanical polishing is a polishing method that relies on the plastic deformation of the surface of the cutting material to remove the polished protrusions to obtain a smooth surface. Generally use wool wheels, sandpaper, sand belts, nylon wheels, etc., mainly manual operation, special parts can use auxiliary tools such as turntables, and ultra-precision polishing methods can be used for high surface quality requirements.
Ultra-precision polishing is an abrasive tool specially made with abrasives. In the polishing liquid containing abrasives, it is pressed tightly on the processed surface of the workpiece for high-speed rotation. It is the highest among various polishing methods.


1, Can we use our shipping agent?
Yes, you can. We had cooperated with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some to you and you can compare the prices and services.

2, My trail order is not in large quantity, can you provide it?
Yes, we accept every order from you and your esteemed company.

3, What’s your daily output?
There are many specifications of abrasive wheels, specification different the number of output are different, general speaking, we can produce 20 tons of abrasive wheels daily.

4, Can your products make to order?
Yes, if you cannot find the solution for your particular application in our product range, we can produce grinding and cut-off wheels in premium quality on your request, tailor-made to meet the requirements of your job.

5, How can you ensure the quality?
Only manufacture high quality and stable batch products can ensure user’s safety and consistent effect. All our products will pass the semi-product testing, finished-product testing and inspection before delivering. Quality passes only after 3 times testing.


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