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7 Inch Abrasive Cut Off Wheels, Metal Cutting, Inox Cutting, 7 Inches (180X1.6X22)

7” abrasive cutting discs 180X1.6X22.23; cutting wheels 180X1.6X22.2; cut of wheels 180X1.6X22.23; 6 inches abrasive cut of disc
Metal cutting discs, Metal cutting wheels.

Bonded abrasives, (abrasive cutting wheel). T41 flat cutting wheel. Resin bonded. Glass fiber net reinforced. Made of high quality Aluminum oxide grains. No Sulphur, no Iron, no chlorine, High security and performance. This type of cutting disc specially developed for metal and stainless steel (Inox).

Product Details:

Everyone should know that we must pay great attention to the process technology when using the cutting discs in production, and grasp these aspects to produce high-quality products. So we have to pay attention to the corresponding issues. The following is a summary of this aspect. You can refer to it.

If you find that when the cutting blade is running at high speed, the vibration is severe when holding the handle and the cutting efficiency is reduced, this may be caused by the imbalance of the cutting blade. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the balance when installing the cutting disc.

After the cutting blade is installed on the flange, the flange is placed on the mandrel, and then placed on the guide rail of the balance frame. If it is unbalanced, the heavier part of the cutting piece will always turn to the bottom. Move the balance block position in the ring tip of the flange end face to balance the center of the cutting piece. Repeat until the cutting piece is on the guide rail. The position can stand still, and the cutting piece reaches a static balance at this time. When installing a new cutting disc, the cutting disc should be statically balanced twice. After a static balance, install the grinder to trim the shape of the cutting piece with a diamond pen, then remove the cutting piece and perform a static balance before installing and using it.

Only when the cutting blades are balanced, can product quality and protection of machines and machine tools be guaranteed. So everyone should pay attention to the content summarized above. The processing of every detail will affect the final use effect, so we must pay attention to these aspects.

7 inch abrasive cut off wheels 2

Product Features:

Low side friction
High lateral stability
High stability
Good cutting results
Highest cut quality
Smooth cutting edge
Lower noise
Cool cut
Fast cutting

7 inch abrasive cut off wheels 3

Product Parameters:

180X1.6X22.23 T41

7 inch abrasive cut off wheels 4

Application and After-Sales Service:

cutting of solid material, sections and pipes
OEM is available


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