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6 Inch Abrasive Cut Of Discs, Shape Can Be Flat And Cup-Shped, 6 Inches (150X2.0X22)

Center flat/depressed
6 inches Cutting discs 150X2.0X22.23; cutting wheels; abrasive cutting discs 150X2.5X22.23; 150X3.0X22.23 6” cutting wheels
Large quantities of this specification are exported to Africa countries and Eastern Europe countries.

Industrial grade products; Good cutting feel;
Please install the protective cover before use.
The phenolic resin bond grinding wheel has the advantages of good elasticity and low sensitivity to shock, impact and lateral pressure. Its high stability enables it to adapt to higher speeds and improve the grinding performance, so it is especially suitable for grinding wheels and cutting wheels, and its good elasticity makes it suitable for fine grinding and surface polishing.

Product Details:

1.High-strength and high-speed:
With the continuous development of new types of modified resins, the strength of the resin grinding wheel has been greatly improved, and then the wheel speed has been significantly improved.

2.A wider range of applications:
The use of larger resin grinding wheels has been increasing in comprehensive use, and has become a large consolidated abrasive product year after year. At the same time, the application range of resin grinding wheels is very wide, as long as we can think that the industry has already used them.

Grinding wheels and grinding technology affect the processing cost and application of engineering ceramics processing quality, and semiconductor silicon chip materials such as grinding processing technology and quality affect the further development of computers and the development of the information technology industry. Therefore, resin grinding wheels and their grinding are widely used in various industries, and technological progress and the entire national economy play an important role.

6 inch abrasive cut of discs 2

Product Features:

1, High performance
2, Excellent sharpness
3, Excellent durability
4, smooth fracture

6 inch abrasive cut of discs 3

Product Parameters:


6 inch abrasive cut of discs 4

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applications: cut all metals, especial carbon steel
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