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5 Inch Cut Off Wheel For All Kinds Of Metals, Specially Developed And Cut Various Carbon Steel Materials. 5 Inches (125X1.2X22)

T41 cutting discs; T42 cutting discs
T42 4.5 inches cutting wheels, T42 abrasive wheels
115X2.5X22; 4.5” abrasive discs; 115X3.0X22.23 cut of wheel

The center of the product can be manufactured flat and depressed according to the customer requirements.
Two and half nets are available. Installed on the angle grinder.
Check the protective cover when use.
The thickness of the products can be customized.

Storage and use of resin cutting discs:

1. The cutting discs must be handled with care to prevent collisions and cracks!
2. The cutting discs should be protected from moisture, frost and deformation when stored. The cutting discs should be mounted flat on a wooden pallet or wooden frame, and the stacking height should generally not exceed 1.5 meters.
3. When the cutting blade is installed on the angle grinder, the flange surface contacting the cutting blade is required to be clean and flat. When tightening the cutting blade, the tightness is moderate. Only special wrenches are allowed for reinforcement, and supplementary clamps (such as extension wrenches, etc.) are prohibited. To prevent human damage to the abrasive tools!
4. The use speed of the cutting blade cannot exceed the working line speed specified by the trademark of the cutting blade. When using a pneumatic grinder, prevent the air pressure from being unstable, causing the cutting blade to exceed the maximum speed!
5. When using the cutting blade, you must increase the force slowly. Excessive force may cause the phenomenon of stalling, jamming and crushing of the cutting blade. If jamming occurs, the cutting blade should be lifted immediately to avoid burning or jamming of the cutting blade!
6. The cutting disc is only allowed to be installed and used in a single piece, and it is strictly forbidden to install and use two or more pieces at the same time!
7. Resin cutting discs are only allowed to be used for cutting, not for grinding!

5 inch cut of wheel for all kinds of metals 2

Product Features:

1, Less smoke
2, Less Noise
3, smooth workpiece fracture
4, smooth cutting

5 inch cut of wheel for all kinds of metals 3

Product Parameters:

115X2.5X22.23 T41/T42
115X3.0X22.23 T41/T42

5 inch cut of wheel for all kinds of metals 4

Application and After-Sales Service:

Working on carbon steel very well
Can be OEM


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