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5 Inch Abrasive Cutting Discs, Different Thickness Can Be Customized According To Customer Requirments, 5 Inches (125X2.5X22)

5 abrasive cutting discs 125X1.6X22.23 cutting discs; cutting wheels; 125X1,6X22.23; 5 inches abrasive cutting wheels.

This specification can be made one mesh or two meshes according to the customer’s requirements.
Resin bonded, fiber glass nets, Mixed brown aluminum and white aluminum oxide.
Stable raw material suppliers.
Strict quality control.

Product Details:

The influence of grinding wheel characteristics on the service performance of grinding wheel: (1) abrasive material: the common abrasives for cutting grinding wheel are brown cut jade (a), white corundum (WA), black corundum (BA), black silicon carbide (c), etc. the most commonly used is brown corundum, because brown corundum has the characteristics of high hardness, large toughness, sharp particles, strong applicability and low price compared with other abrasives. Brown corundum can be divided into primary sand and secondary sand according to whether it is fully reduced during smelting, which is mainly reflected in chemical composition: Al2O3 content of primary sand ≥ 94.5; Al2O3 content of secondary sand < 94.5%; Generally about 85%, and Fe2O3 content is 4 ~ 5%; Therefore, the hardness of secondary sand is lower than that of primary sand, but the price is also low; Brown corundum is suitable for processing all kinds of carbon steel and general alloy steel; White corundum has higher hardness, brittleness and less grinding heat than brown corundum. Because of its high price, it is used when the workpiece requires thermal deformation. It is also used as mixed abrasive for special material processing; The Al2O3 content of black corundum is 70 ~ 85% and the Fe203 content is 7 ~ 9%. The hardness is low and the cutting force is poor, but the price is also cheap; Black silicon carbide has high hardness, good brittleness, sharp cutting edge, good self-sharpening performance and good thermal conductivity. It has advantages in processing non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber and cast iron.

5 inch abrasive cutting discs 2

Product Features:

1, Long use life
2, Safe
3, stable quality
4, vertical cutting

5 inch abrasive cutting discs 3

Product Parameters:

Black or Green

5 inch abrasive cutting discs 4

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable to all metal/stainless steel cutting
Can is open


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