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4.5 Inch Metal Cutting, Steel Pipe Cutting, Metal Sheet Cutting, 4.5 Inches (115X2.0X22)

4.5 inches abrasives wheels; double meshes reinforcement or single mesh 115X1.6X22; 4.5 abrasive discs;
400 pieces a carton, gross weight 15.3 kgs. Or Packaging can be according to customer requirements.
Cutting discs can be one mesh or two meshes glass-fiber reinforcement.
Cutting wheels have exported to many eastern European countries.

Product Details:

1. The composition of the cutting disc
The dicing sheet is a porous body, which is made by bonding abrasive materials with a binder, pressing, drying, and baking. Due to differences in abrasives, adhesives, and manufacturing processes, high-quality cut parts must be carefully considered during material selection, processing, and manufacturing. The characteristics of cutting parts are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, organization, shape and size. Among them, alumina is the most commonly used abrasive, but actually only abrasives are involved in cutting and polishing!

2. Specifications of cutting parts
The general rules for cutting blades and grinding blades are not much different. Due to their different application modes, the grinding blades are relatively thick, which makes them more durable under grinding operating conditions. However, the cutting blade is used for longitudinal cutting and cannot be used as an abrasive blade. Unless the grinding blade is designed to have the dual functions of cutting and grinding, any behavior that does not conform to the design of the product itself is dangerous:

3. The characteristics of cutting parts
Resin cutting disc has good elasticity and polishing function, good self-sharpening, high cutting efficiency, low cutting temperature, high surface finish, and more durable manufacturing process, so its application range is very wide.

4. Safety standards for the correct use of cutting discs
The cutting blade needs to be equipped with an electric tool, so it is necessary to select a suitable electric tool according to the diameter of the grinding wheel blade and the maximum speed. The rotation speed of the electric tool during work cannot exceed the maximum rotation speed indicated by the grinding wheel blade itself, otherwise it will cause danger.

4.5 inch metal cutting 2

Product Features:

1, vertical cutting
2, excellent sharpness
3, Long use life
4, smooth cutting

4.5 inch metal cutting 3

Product Parameters:

400 pieces a carton

4.5 inch metal cutting 4

Application and After-Sales Service:

Applicable to all kind of metals
OEM is available


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